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Criminal Sexual Conduct

Sexual Offenses

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Paul C. Youngs, an experienced and dedicated Criminal Sexual Conduct and Sexual Offense Attorney based Southgate, MI serving clients throughout greater Detroit and Southeastern Michigan.

Being arrested and charged with a sex crime is a serious matter.  You are in serious risk of severe penalties, damage to your reputation, a spot on the Sex Offender Registry of Michigan, and jail time.  Without question, you will need a proven Sexual Offense Attorney to fight for your rights in the Michigan Court System.

The Criminal Defense Firm of Paul C. Youngs is experienced in a variety of Sexual Offense cases, including:

Sex Offender Registry Michigan Sexual Assault Penal Code Rape Charges
Criminal Sexual Conduct Michigan Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Internet Sex Crimes
Romeo and Juliet Laws Sexual Assault and Battery Child Pornography
Sex Offenders of Michigan


With any Sexual Offense or Criminal Sexual Conduct charge, you will need a professional and experienced Michigan Defense Attorney to protect your reputation, and legal rights. 


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